Advantages of our Adhesive

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More Gripping Power Per Square Inch for Stronger Adhesion

The adhesive and release liners of Adhesive Squares™ are custom formulated for maximum adhesion. They deliver quicker release from liners, due to the chemistry of our advanced specific adhesion formulations and patented production process. This unique production process allows each square, strip, or patch to have a uniform thickness, resulting in a stronger and more consistent adhesion than can be obtained through a curved contact surface.

The Fast & Easy Solution With All The Right Angles

With 27% more substrate surface area contact than a circle, Adhesive Squares™ offers more gripping power per square inch for stronger adhesion. This makes it stronger than any comparable circular dot of glue! Adhesive Squares™ are available in any size or shape, and are easy to apply by hand, dispenser box, cartridge system, or auto dispenser.

The Invisible Solution For Packaging, Printing & Manufacturing

Adhesive Squares™ are pressure sensitive adhesives that leave no mess, no residue and no odor. These Pre-Engineered Adhesive Patches are suitable for bonding: